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Jul 7, 2022

EOS – Island of Angels

Release end of 2022

EOS – Island of Angels is an asymmetric engine builder with exciting exploration mechanics for 1-5 players. As an adventurous captain, lead your crew into the unknown and make the world a better place by awakening the angels of ancient times who have been petrified in battle against the hosts of demons. Fight monstrous demons and perform various heroic deeds to bring the light back to the darkness-ridden world.

Five asymmetrical nations offer tactics for every play style and manageable basic mechanics make for easy entry for new players. EOS offers a balanced mix of engine building in the form of improvements to your crew and exploration, which happens on the game board around the petrified angels. A strategic approach is rewarded, but mistakes are also forgiven.

By awakening angels, weaknesses of one’s crew can be mended or strengths can be emphasized. Demon lords curse all players equally and epic deeds present you with great challenges and entice you with rich treasures. The combination of angels, demon lords and heroic deeds make every game a unique journey.

Tsukuyumi: Sunrise Kingdom Expansion

To be released in fall 2022 with standees, miniature version in crowdfunding in early 2023

Sunrise Kingdom is the second major expansion for Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down and requires the base game. The standee stand version is limited to 1000 copies, and crowdfunding is planned for the miniatures version in early 2023. Time has passed and the Sun Goddess Amaterasu, Tsukuyumi’s sister, intervenes to save her creation. She opens the portals of ancient times and sends the Guardians to assist the living beings of the world. Sunrise Kingdom is set in the southern hemisphere where Australia once was. Here you are further away from the moon, but peace does not reign here either. Surviving factions fight for resources, habitat and against the Oni onslaught. This expansion contains 5 new factions and 2 new modules, which can also be combined with the previous factions.

Faction: Sisters of Seven

These elite warriors are highly mobile thanks to their flying battle suits, have individual battle cards, and can bring valuable fertile grounds into play through their faction effect. Thanks to their defensive command, they can often displace attacking units before they can do any damage.

Faction: First Guardians

The goal of these ancient tortoises is to awaken the Jade Guardians that lie dormant in the earth. Jade Guardians are unique beings of great power, which have a great influence on the gameplay. Not only do they all have special effects when awakened, but they also automatically control the areas in which they stand, thanks to the new Burrow trait.

Faction: Circle of the Sun

These people are the chosen ones of the Sun Goddess, and move across the land in large groups. When their units are properly positioned, they form formations that can even help them turn Oni into their own units through Amaterasu’s light or generate instant victory points. They may seem harmless compared to other factions at the beginning, and exploit this advantage wherever possible.

Faction: Moon Circus

Die Zirkusclowns rasen in ihren aufgemotzten Karren über den Ozeanboden und werfen sich ohne Rücksicht auf Verluste in den Kampf. The circus clowns race across the ocean floor in their souped-up carts, throwing themselves into battle regardless. With no homezone, they can swoop down on the other factions from either side and conquer territories they thought were safe in the blink of an eye.

Faction: Reef Collective

A coral reef does not need units to exert its influence on the world, nor does it need combat actions or counterattacks. Instead, it spreads steadily, carrying its spores far across the board to settle in the backs of its enemies, take hold, and expand from there.

Modul: Gates

There is no moon in the southern hemisphere of the Earth. Instead, Amaterasu opens her portals for all factions to teleport their units through. As a result, the gameplay is no longer centered on one central point, and completely new tactics and strategies emerge.

Modul: Amaterasus Blessings

The Sun Goddess supports the factions in the fight against Tsukuyumi. Blessings are unique advantages that are chosen at the beginning of the game. These can be new combat cards, faction effects, units, or more. A clever choice of Blessings can compensate for one’s own disadvantages or add to a faction’s existing strengths.

Tsukuyumi: Chronomasters Expansion

To be released in fall 2022 with standees, miniature version in crowdfunding in early 2023

The Chronomasters are 12 time-traveling monkeys who return from the future to save the Earth from disaster. While the other factions have to laboriously conquer territory by territory, they already control large parts of the board at the beginning of the game thanks to their knowledge about the future. Not only does this allow them to play the game backwards, but they are also free to choose which phase to play and when. With their ability Time Warp they can send whole armies back in time, as if they had never left their homezone. Be surprised how the Chronomasters bring exciting new ideas to the game, while adding and changing the game in the usual Tsukuyumi manner.

After the Moonfall

Release end of 2022

After the Moonfall is the tabletop role-playing game set in the world of Tsukuyumi. In terms of content, the book is divided into three major sections: Rules and character creation, adventures and material for running the game, and the largest part, story, pictures and background knowledge. Even those who already know (and love) the story of Tsukuyumi can learn all sorts of new things about the world, the factions and their customs, and the changes on Earth after the arrival of the Moon Kami.

Since the birth of Tsukuyumi as a project, we have been collecting material: ideas, sketches, drawings and stories. All this information, as well as completely new background knowledge, details, and text, is summarized here We see After the Moonfall as a roleplaying book, as well as a world book and art book. Every little thing about the exciting world of Tsukuyumi is explained here.

The Sentinels

Players take on the role of a Sentinel – warriors sworn to hunt and kill Oni and protect life itself. Heroes can have any conceivable faction background. It doesn’t matter if they are Boarlord, Human, Whale, Cybersamurai, Panda, Dark Seed, Corporat or something else. Once you take the Sentinel oath, you leave your past behind and are reborn as a Sentinel. Sentinels walk the earth using ancient portals and gates scattered throughout the world. In seconds, a Sentinel can travel through the Gate of Heaven in Tian Shan, high in the Nepalese mountains, to the Sun Gate in the Australian Desert, or to the Gate of the River in the sunken parts of what was once Europe.


Crowdfunding fall 2022

Humanity is at its end. Threatened by otherworldly titans, it faces unpleasant but certain extinction. There is only one last (albeit tiny) hope: the T.D.O.! In the battle against the first Titan Gaia, the Titans Defense Organization went all out back then, and with difficulty was able to achieve a victory. Now that Titans are appearing again, most of the heroes from back then are dead, retired, or simply have better things to do than risk their lives once again. So now it’s up to you to determine the fate of humanity and defend the Earth against Titans like the fearsome lava snail Worldshaper.

T.D.O. is a cooperative game for 2-5 heroes, who stand in the way of overpowered adversaries, protect the world’s population (or tactically use its destruction to their advantage) and round up the old gang from back then. Embodie sympathetic hopefuls like the highly intelligent chameleon Barry, who rides the last panda Nala, Alita™, who was recruited because of her outstanding e-sports performance (and fortunately was able to save a large part of her followers), or Herr Schulz, who is actually a simple clerk, but who has been gripped by the spirit of adventure through an evening course on “risk management”. These are definitely not the heroes we need – but the ones we deserve.


To be released directly in stores in fall 2022

In the entertaining Witchcraft, 2-6 witches compete for ingredients for their spells. Only those who plan their crystals ahead and buy lavender, toadstool and mandrake at the right moment can emerge victorious in the end. In addition to the special abilities that each witch brings, ravens, cats and bats can be recruited as animal familiars in the course of the game. Only with their help can the witches perform the most powerful actions.