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The world after the Moonfall is at your feet.

After the Moonfall is a tabletop role-playing game set in the world of Tsukuyumi and features a rich storyworld where a bleak future shines in bright colors. Bring humanoid boars to life, play as a mighty land whale, mystical panda warrior, or human survivor, and bring new balance and peace to this warped world.

240+ min

Playing time

2 – 6









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The Principles of After the Moonfall

The world in After the Moonfall is based on our world today, and yet functions according to entirely different principles. These principles also serve as a guide for the game sessions, the atmosphere of the adventures, and help in interpreting the rules. They provide insight into the design philosophy and make clear what this role-playing game is all about.

The world of After the Moonfall is colorful and diverse

Numerous factions and species live in a world full of new and old life, and have adapted and evolved to the new circumstances. Each faction found its own way to deal with the catastrophe of the moonfall. There are various survival strategies and belonging to a faction is always associated with advantages and bonuses for the corresponding heroes Even though the factions have different goals and philosophies, they are all equally important.

2. The end of the world is not the end, but the beginning

Looking to the future means that the apocalypse is behind us and the survivors set out to create a new world from the rubble of the old. After the Moonfall focuses on these visions of a future and explores how individuals and factions can implement them, not the day-to-day survival of the heroes. It’s about how to deal with fellow creatures in the future and how different worldviews can coexist.

3. the Sentinels protect life itself

We assume that the protagonists of the story come from different factions, and in the course of the plot have decided to join the higher purpose of the Sentinels. As a result, they are able to speak the languages of all the inhabitants of the post-moonfall world and use the portals scattered across the planet. The Sentinels have three directives according to which the heroes should act: explore – ally – fight. With the help of these directives, the heroes should meet new cultures and factions, try to win them over for the common fight against Tsukuyumi, and if necessary fight the enemies of the free factions. In the interpretation and implementation of the directives, the heroines have complete freedom of action.

4. The heroes experience epic adventures

The protagonists of the story are called heroes on purpose Right from the beginning, they are competent enough to find their way in the game world and take on tasks that go beyond their own survival. The adventures always present the heroes with a problem that is bigger than themselves and can best be solved through the interaction of individual abilities. A charismatic whale will find different solutions than a nomad armed to the teeth. The focus is on getting to know and experience the world through the heroes, who can make a difference in the world right from the start.

5. The players have the power of interpretation over their heroes

The players and the gamemaster tell a story together All in the role of players embody the protagonists of the story, and the gamemaster directs the world around them. At the intersection of both roles, the game mechanics mediate. The mechanics always define how a situation with an uncertain outcome is handled, and the individual character traits of the heroes come into play. Even if an endeavor fails, the players can determine how their heroes will be perceived by others.

6. The game master has the head free for the story

Everyone can tell stories. It should not be the one with the best knowledge of the rules who is the game master, but everyone who wants to experience a story together with the others. The game preparation includes the design of the creatures, characters and adventures and not mainly the rule study. Challenges and dangers can be easily derived from the plot and clearly mapped mechanically. Examples of storylines are provided with each adventure so that the game master can concentrate fully on the shared story.

7. You tell your story

The world of Tsukuyumi offers a handful of described places and cultures, global communication is only just being reestablished, and no one can say for sure who or what is hiding in the white spots on the map. We would like to invite everyone to fill these white spots with life, flora and fauna. Anything is possible in a world rising from the dust of the moonfall. Use this book as a starting point for your own stories, adventures and campaigns.

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