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It is one of the greatest gifts when a group of people entrust us their own table to take them to a foreign world. We take this responsibility seriously when we work on our games with joy for years to create very special hours for you. Each of our games is more than the sum of rule mechanics and theme. We open up new worlds that captivate our players even during game setup, e.g. via a complete comic in the Tsukuyumi rulebook. These story worlds invite exploration even after the game is over, and form a strong unity with the underlying mechanisms. They are always populated by various human and human-like factions, which bring their own perspectives on the world and set themselves apart with special advantages.

What defines our games

We love creating games with extensive story worlds and expanding them into comics, novels, and many other mediums. Several years of development and testing go into each game, and they are designed for an exciting gameplay experience.

Tsukuyumi Full Moon Down

An asymmetrical area-control strategy game in which battle mechs, Cybersamurai, matriarchal boars, land whales, and moon demons fight for supremacy over world after the moonfall.

EOS – Island of Angels

A challenging engine-builder game with exciting exploration mechanics, in which the goal is to awaken petrified angels and fight demon lords to make the world a bit better.

After the Moonfall

A tabletop role-playing game with a focus on cooperative storytelling. As a game group, find new allies, bring order to the world of Tsukuyumi, and face the white Dragon and his minions.


A small, quick card game about witches, spells and animal familiars. Who will manage to accumulate the most magic in the end?


Clerks, chameleons and philosophizing robots protect the earth from otherworldly titans.

The Studio

Learn more about how we work as a game studio. Look over our shoulder as we develop new projects and find out what we are currently working on.


King Racoon Games is not only a studio familiar with the design, production and distribution of its own games, but also acts as a licensee and licensor in the field of board games. All sides benefit from our many years of experience in the areas of game design, crowdfunding, marketing & distribution, licensing, and our network of national and international partners.


The Publisher

Get to know us as a publisher. We are always looking for exciting new game ideas and mechanics.

Don’t miss any more news

All the news and background on King Racoon Games and what we are currently working on.

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Dragons, Whales AND Giant Robots?

What´s new at the Tsukuyumi board game? First of all, there are no giant robots. They are combat suits! 😉 Secondly, please do us a huge favor and follow our upcoming Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kingracoongames/tsukuyumi-amaterasu-rising The...


Tsukuyumi Kickstarter - April 2024 Sign up for our Kickstarter newsletter now to make sure you don't miss anything! Save the date for the highly anticipated Tsukuyumi Kickstarter Campaign in April 2024! Experience the full re-print with 4 new factions and Kaiju...

EOS – Island of Angels – It’s here!

EOS - Island of Angels - It's here! estimated reading time: 3 min19. October 2023 A sea voyage, a fair, a game - Asymmetrical, full of adventure and the fight against demons.  "EOS - Island of Angels" seeing it spread out before you as the cards slide through...

Fast Diceplacement Game

estimated reading time: 1 min | The dice fall in each round. Every round it’s your turn too. Either as a team leader and thus have more dice and thus more actions or you are a supporter and have at least one die.

TDO game report

TDO game report estimated reading time: 7 min25. Mai 2023 What a fast, cooperative board game can do? You roll dice and make decisions together, you immerse yourself in a story, experience humorous thrills and find yourself becoming an original character. All this...

SPIEL ’22 – Review

estimated reading time: 1 min 30 sec. SPIEL ’22 is over and we are very happy. For Tsukuyumi there were the two expansions Sunrise Kingdom and Chronomasters, and the all-new Witchcraft was already sold out on the Saturday of the fair.

Status of new releases until the end of 2022

estimated reading time: 2 min. Here you can find out in detail which new releases King Racoon Games has in the pipeline until the end of 2022 and how far advanced they already are.

Our next releases

estimated reading time: 6 min 30 sec. Find out here what we are currently working on and what games you can look forward to next.

KingRaCon 06/2022

estimated reading time: 1 min 45 sec. The first KingRaCon took place last weekend. Read here what was played and which guest authors visited us.

Welcome, Jan Dolle

geschätzte Lesedauer: 1 min. As of today, Jan Dolle is permanently employed with us as a Junior Game Designer. Learn more about him and what he is currently working on here.