EOS – Island of Angels – It’s here!

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19. October 2023

A sea voyage, a fair, a game – Asymmetrical, full of adventure and the fight against demons.


“EOS – Island of Angels” seeing it spread out before you as the cards slide through your hands, then we know that our efforts have paid off. So much time and investment that goes into a game like this is almost impossible to explain. But the attention to detail and the desire to send you on an adventure that will present you with new challenges and a little distraction from the daily grind makes it a new wonder every time.

What is EOS?

“EOS – Island of Angels” presents itself as an asymmetrical engine builder and offers engaging mechanics for exploration that can be enjoyed by 1 to 5 players. Slip into the role of a brave captain or captainess who sails into the unknown with her crew. Your mission? Make the world a better place by resurrecting the legendary petrified angels from a far-gone era who once fought the demonic hordes. Face fearsome demons, perform heroic deeds and bring the light back to this darkness-ridden world.

To make it a great experience …

It’s ready for you, a game board, characters and opponents. You sail around with your crew and feel the, as Felix so nicely put it, “spirit” of the game. A World. And that’s what Felix wants to preserve with every decision he makes for the game. When test games had already been held and many mechanics and rules for the game had been worked out, it was then possible to develop an impression of what EOS should really be about. It is not too uncommon that some mechanics are suddenly removed in order to preserve the spirit.

Asset Heroes

An idea turns into a game (or even two?)

As usual with an engine builder, you’ll start with basic skills and few resources to strengthen yourself over the course of the game so that you can overcome greater challenges. You’ll give your crew members character-specific abilities, awaken petrified angels that are especially effective in assisting you, or commit heroic deeds while strengthening your ship. Always in imminent danger of encountering unexpected threats. Because demons appear and make your life difficult. Only through special abilities, curses can be averted, from which you will be affected again and again. The stronger you are, the more demons can be defeated. Thus, every game round becomes a unique adventure.

One that could also spread to another game, because a very special mechanic that was part of “Island of Angels” at the beginning, still in the testing phase, could spawn an EOS card game. So sometimes from one game a second one is born.

EOS - Island of Angels - Cover1

It is here!

Just in time for SPIEL2023 in Essen, we were able to bring the finished printed “EOS – Island of Angels” board games. They had previously experienced their own adventures on a long sea voyage and breathed real sea air, which we were able to let you smell at the fair. Which means you can now set out on a voyage with a crew of wanderlusting sailors at any time and free the world from nasty demons. Always the taste of salt and freedom on your lips. Order it now HERE

EOS - Island of Angels - SPIEL2023