Be prepared! The end is near!

Less than 30 hours, then the Kickstarter is over. A good reason to let it all hang out! Or… in the case of Tsukuyumi… the Boarloard.

So what is happening right now?

Thanks to your support, we are currently dashing through the €200,000 mark. We’ve unlocked a few more Timed Releases, including more card sets, Amaterasu area tiles and even a scoring pad on Day 24.

You can get a more detailed insight into the Dark Crusade, including a first impression of Tsukuyumi, in the latest video from the BrettspielSuchties: First impression of the BrettspielSuchties

We would also like to grab this opportunity to thank all backers, content creators, fans, etc. for their incredible support. The campaign would not have been possible without you!