New raccoon faces

The world is changing and we are changing with it. Some raccoons have moved on, some are new arrivals. We would like to introduce you to the current team:

Gunnar Nickel

Management and Marketing

As a child, he loved to sit in a tree in the garden and read books that took him to other worlds. A large part of him still wanders there. After the astronaut career came to nothing, the best alternative was owning a fantasy games store and later becoming a games publisher.




André Winter

Text, Technology and Project Management

André is the racoon that takes care of everything that has to do with texts, translations, editing and all other language issues. Beyond that he also looks after all technology related stuff. He is a passionate hiker, tea drinker and photographer. He loves games that constantly reveal new facets and is the owner of a fairly extensive media library. However, if you take a closer look, he belongs less to the raccoon species and is more of a cooking bear.

Felix Mertikat

Founder, studio management and game design

Happy and satisfied in the field of games and comics since 2010. He always imagines how it feels to take one of our games out of the box for the first time and put it on the table. An excitement he always felt himself as a child when a new game came on the table.



Jan Dolle

Game Design, 3D Modeling and Illustration

Jan speaks only High German and actually comes from the field of digital games. Nevertheless, he has found a new home with the Racoons, where he can let his illustrator’s heart run free. He also loves trading card games, splash art illustrations and competitive team games.