After the Moonfall is ready!


Finally! After three years, the role-playing game Tsukuyumi – After The Moonfall is ready. A lot of love and passion has gone into it, for example in the more than 300 illustrations that Felix has created.

AFTER THE MOONFALL takes you into the world after the moon has fallen. Tsukuyumi, the white moon god of Japanese mythology, has returned to earth as a mighty dragon to turn creation into his servant. Trapped in the moon, he controls his mighty oni army with diabolical thoughts and his pheromones.


But the creatures of the world are fighting back: whether newly evolved wild boar people, land whales, cyber samurai, dragon knights or laser vikings. They fight for themselves or join the powerful Sentinels. The Sentinels alone connect all the continents with magical portals, creating the basis for real resistance against the demonic Oni.


Take on the role of outlandish characters and experience the humorous, dangerous and epic world of After the Moonfall first-hand.


The book has 446 pages and offers 17 completely different backgrounds (factions) and an innovative milestone rule system. Create YOUR character in just a few minutes and then experience countless hours of wonder, surprises, danger, humor and epic exploits. Is it you who will free the world from the white dragon?

You can download the PDF for free on Boardfolio. Felix is very excited to see what the players make of it…and how they experience/animate the world.