What´s new at the Tsukuyumi board game?

First of all, there are no giant robots. They are combat suits! 😉 Secondly, please do us a huge favor and follow our upcoming Kickstarter:


The picture above shows all the new boxes: a base game and four expansions. You can mix and match the expansions however you like. But what do they offer you? Let´s take a quick look.

Base game (white) – containing 4 factions (Nomads, Dark seed, Cybersamurai and Boarlords) and the rules, this is where you start.

After the Moonfall (red) – 2 new factions (Kampfgruppe 03 and Children of the Lion) and a whole lot of new cards, areas and game modes.

Forces of Nature (green) – all three of the previously single-box factions in one comfortable new box (Fireborn, Lords of the lost Sea and Sentinels).

Amaterasu Rising (yellow) – if you like Kaijus and giant turtles, this is your expansion. Or maybe some passive-agressive action with the Reef?

New Dawn (blue) – 3 new factions, and they kick bananas! The Dark Crusade, Sisters of Seven and the mighty Chronomasters are waiting for you.

But King Racoon, what about the grey box, the Upgrade Pack? Don´t worry, I will tell you everything – in the next blog post! Look forward to the TOP 5 CHANGES IN TSUKUYUMI!